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Simply adjust the thermostat and it will maintain the indoor temperature at the level you select.

  • When operating in the cooling cycle, your air conditioner will run until the indoor temperature is lowered to the level you have selected.
  • On extremely hot days, your air conditioning will run for longer periods at a time and have shorter “off” periods than on moderate days.
  • Average recommended settings are 78 degrees Fahrenheit for cooling and 68 degrees for heating.

There are many conditions that add extra heat and/or humidity to your home and, thereby, affect the cost of operating your air-conditioning. Your unit will work longer and cost more to keep you comfortable under these conditions.

  • Entrance doors are frequently opened and closed
  • Laundry appliances are being operated
  • The shower is running
  • More than the usual number of people are present in the home
  • More than the usual number of electric lights are in use
  • Drapes or blinds are kept open on the sunny side of the house

There are ways to help cut costs and help your unit run more efficiently.

  • Inspection and cleaning of the blower wheel, housing and motor
  • Inspection and, if required, cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils
  • Inspection of the indoor drain pan, plus the primary and secondary drain lines.
  • A check of all electrical wiring and connections
  • A check for secure physical connections of individual components within units
  • Operational check of the air conditioning system to determine actual working condition
  • Any necessary repairs or adjustments should be performed at the time they are found.

Before you call for service, you may be able to save time and money by checking for these easily solved problems

  • Check the indoor and outdoor disconnect switches. Verify that the circuit breakers are in the ON position and make sure the fuses have not blown.
  • Check for sufficient air flow by checking the air filter for any accumulation of dirt. Check for blocked return air or supply air grilles and be sure grilles are open and unobstructed.
  • Check the settings on your indoor thermostat. If you desire cooling, be sure the temperature control selector is set below room temperature and the system switch is in the COOL or AUTO position.

If you require warmth, be sure the temperature control selector is set above room temperature and the system is set on HEAT or AUTO.

The FAN switch should be set ON for continuous blower operation or AUTO if you want the blower to function only while the unit is operating.